Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant Deployment

In May of 2013, researchers from the CMU Biorobotics Lab performed test deployments inside of the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant in Zwentendorf, Austria. The snake robots were sent inside of several steam pipes, vessels, and other confined spaces to test the robots' ability to perform useful inspections inside a nuclear power plant environment. The robot was able to capture high-quality, well-lit images from areas that would not have been accessible with borescopes or other conventional inspection tools.

Deployment Report
Deployment Report

  • Zwentendorf Outside
  • Control Motor Climb
  • Control Rod Bore Insert
  • Control Rod Bore Climb
  • Steam Pipe Insert
  • Steam Pipe Exit
  • Snakeview: Probe Afar
  • Snakeview: Probe Near
  • Snakeview: Moisture Separator Reheater
  • Above Reactor
  • Steam Pipe Valve Opening
  • Tether into Steam Pipe
  • Snakeview: Bolt Encountered in Steam Pipe
  • Snakeview: Valve
  • Nitrogen Line 1
  • Nitrogen Line 2
  • Nitrogen Line 3
  • Nitrogen Line 4
  • Nitrogen Line 5
  • Connector Pendant Climb
  • Control Room Slither
  • Control Rods from Above
  • Clean Room