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Field Demonstrations

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In conjunction with laboratory research, one of the project's ultimate goals is to acheive reliable snake robot usage in the field. These videos document the modular snake's current real world capabilities.

The snake, outfitted with waterproof skin, can swim. An operator wirelessly controlling the snake can steer the snake to turn through the water. Swimming

Rock Traversal
The snake can operate on rocky surfaces Rock Traversal

Real Building Channel Climb
Modsnakes are great climbers, and if there is a channel in a building's wall, the snake can climb to the top. This video is of the snake climbing a 3 story building, wirelessly. Building Climbing

Drop Test
When operating outside of the lab, it is important that the snakes be tough. This is why we thoroughly drop test our snakes and continue to improve their toughness. Drop Test

Duct Navigation
The snake can locomote in building vents and ducts. Here is a video of the snake peeking it's head out of a grate in the floor and scanning the room. Grates and Ducts

One of the most promising uses of these robots is for inspecting suspicious items. Our robots, with 16 degrees of freedom, can more thoroughly inspect items like boxes than a traditional wheeled robot. Inspection

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