Scouting & Reconnaissance Applications

The snake robot's versatile abilities make it a useful tool for reaching locations or viewpoints that humans or other equipment cannot. The robots are able to climb to a high vantage point, maneuver through a variety of terrains, and fit through tight spaces like fences or pipes. These abilities can be useful for scouting and reconnaissance applications in either urban or natural environments.

Climbing to high vantage points
The snake robots can be deployed to quickly climb a flagpole, structural support, gutter downspout, pipe, or tree and provide a view from a high vantage point.

Covertly access unreachable locations
Snake robots are an ideal scouting tool for reaching locations that are too dangerous or inaccessible to people. The snake's small cross-section is well suited for accessing duct systems, pipe networks, gutters, and for breaching fences.

Versatile locomotion capabilities
The robot's versatile capabilities allow it to crawl, swim, climb, and roll to its target destination and perform it's scouting mission. The robot can transition between these types of locomotion without needing mechanical adjustments, meaning that one snake robot can handle any encountered obstacles by switching between its many forms of locomotion.