Modular Hexapod

“Snake monster” is a modular legged robot built with the series-elastic actuated modules, along with any static links, grippers, cameras, feet, or other modules attached to a central chassis, either with tethered or battery power. Snake monster can walk over rough terrain and can be rapidly reconfigured to use different number of limbs, end effectors, sensors, or payloads, depending on the application. This could make it useful in the future as a rapid response tool for search and rescue, or for remotely inspecting or repairing infrastructure in hazardous environments like defunct nuclear power plants.

Outcomes: This robot has been used with anywhere between two and Twelve limbs, for a wide range of research topics including gait generation, compliant control, mobile manipulation, reinforcement learning, and mobile perception. It was demonstrated at the DARPA robotics challenge, and since then, at a variety of other events around the country.