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For mapping purposes, the address of the university is: 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Please arrive on Sunday, July 20th.


The European Summer School on Surgical Robotics was started in 2003 and is held in odd-numbered years; the 6th European Summer School was held in 2013. In 2007, Dr. Russell Taylor and Dr. Blake Hannaford proposed a North American version of the Surgical Robotics School with the intention of it being held biennially in even-numbered years. Due to scheduling constraints, the First North American Surgical Robotics School was held in Winter 2009 (instead of Summer 2008) at Johns Hopkins University. The School was supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE-RAS). The 2nd North American Summer School on Surgical Robotics was held in July 2010 at the University of Washington, Seattle, and was supported by Covidien, Intuitive Surgical Inc., Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) and Johns Hopkins University. The 3rd North American Summer School was held in July 2012 at Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics (CSTAR) and the University of Western Ontario, and was supported by a number of organizations, including IEEE-RAS, Intuitive Surgical Inc., CSTAR, Lawson Health Research Institute, Robarts Research Institute, Covidien, and an NSERC (CREATE)-funded program in Computer-Assisted Medical Interventions.

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