Participants will be recruited most prominently from among PhD and/or MD students, postdoctoral fellows, and residents in engineering, medicine, and the sciences whose research focuses on one or more aspects of Surgical/Medical Robotics, Image-Guided Interventions, Surgical Simulation and Training, Biomechatronics, and Medical Devices. Surgeons and industrial representatives are also most welcome. The Organizing Committee will evaluate all the applications received for the Summer School and select the final list of attendees.


Several lectures (of up to 90 minutes each) per day will give an in-depth coverage of topics such as surgical robotics, haptics and teleoperation, medical imaging, computer-assisted surgical planning, major therapy delivery techniques, surgical simulation, training, and performance assessment. Where appropriate, the lectures will also include case studies of system design, safety, regulatory issues, and intellectual property and commercialization issues. Attendees will have the opportunity to view live robotic surgery cases using the facilities available at Carnegie Mellon. Hands-on labs will be held at West Penn Allegheny Health System (WPAHS) and Carnegie Mellon University and will focus on surgical experience with animals in vivo (at WPAHS), surgical simulation and da Vinci robotic experiments (in the Simulation, Teaching, and Academic Research (STAR) Center at WPAHS), and novel surgical robotics (at Carnegie Mellon). The trainees will have an opportunity to interact with representatives from medical devices and biomedical technology companies during an Industry Forum.

Confirmed List of Speakers